Why do I have streamtest.net included in my site?

DMCA.com is one of the biggest copyright protection companies. I am also using their free service, but will probably move to another company after this. They recently purchased streamtest.net. So why do I have a streamtest.net script that calls an image, in my website code without my permission?


Simply dmca.com is trying to get as many backlinks as possible to promote streamtest.net. As you can see at their badge code, there is a script that is calling an image from streamtest.net.<script src=”https://streamtest.github.io/badges/streamtest.js” type=”text/javascript”></script>

I have emailed them, and there is no reply so far. Why are the including a backlink and an image(for their service) in my website without my permission?



It also lowers my Gtmetrix ranking, this is how I found it…

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  1. Finally found someone with the same frustration as mine. I was wondering why google keeps pointing out that I have this image and this css on my page, and it had cost me half an evening to search for the problem.

  2. Thank you for giving me a hint about this. I was seeing my website loading really very slow, it suddenly started to take more than 90 seconds to load. Thank you so much, removing the DMCA badge brought back the speed of my site.

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