Initial Cloudlinux setup step-by-step

At this guide I will show you how to setup Cloudlinux after converting your server to it. More specifically, CageFS, MySQL Governor and PHP Selector.

CageFS installation

CageFS is a jailed environment that limits every user to his own directory, and is preventing him from accessing resources and files outside from it. It is a vital security feature, without a jailed environment your server can – and will be – hacked sometime and you will have to format it in case the hacker gets access to system files.

Installation can be done via SSH, by using the following commands:

yum install cagefs
$ /usr/sbin/cagefsctl –init


MySQL Governor installation

MySql Governor is designed to limit MySQL usage of the users in order to prevent abuse. Installation is done via the followin commands through SSH:

$ yum remove db-governor db-governor-mysql  # you can ignore errors if you don’t have those packages installed
$ yum install governor-mysql
$ /usr/share/lve/dbgovernor/ –install


PHP Selector installation

PHP selector allows the users to select the PHP version they want, and also provides them the ability to configure PHP for their need by changing the PHP setting  from within cPanel.

To install PHP Selector, via SSH run the command:

$ yum groupinstall alt-php

Then to update the CageFS skeleton you need to run:

$ yum update cagefs lvemanager


You can now manage CageFS from WHM, and also PHP Selector settings from LVE manager. MySQL Governor is a bit more complex, and requires editing the configuration file on the server directly.

If want to purchase Cloudlinux license you can do it from here.

I will post a guide for configuring MySQL Governor soon 🙂

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