How to install Nginx on WHM/cPanel server

A lot of people are asking me if they should install Nginx in their cPanel server. The short answer is no. Don’t do it!

Why? If you are new at this (and you are if you are reading this post), then you should stay as much as possible to the default solutions by cPanel – Apache, or use a paid webserver such as Litespeed that will provide you with the support needed. I have also personally tested Nginx with very, very poor results. Sometimes we had worse performance than the stock Apache for shared hosting servers.

Using Nginx in shared hosting is not smart if you have no experience. If you have VPS or dedicated server for a SINGLE website, then it can and will be beneficial.

If you want to experiment and you are willing to take the next step spending countless hours to configure and troubleshoot the hosted websites, then you can install Nginx very easily by following the steps below:

cd /usr/local/src


tar xf nginxadmin.tar

cd publicnginx

./nginxinstaller install


Then you can use the WHM Nginx control panel. For more information you can visit nginxcp website.

Nginx is NOT WORKING out of the box. You have to configure it according to your needs. If you have 1-3 websites this is easy, but if you have a shared hosting server this can be a nightmare. You can always choose other paid solutions with support like Litespeed.

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  1. Michalis Michailidis

    Since I got a lot of requests to post a guide for Nginx configuration, I will do so in a few days. Stay tuned 🙂

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