A better backup system for WHM/cPanel – Jet Backup Manager

Although WHM/cPanel is an excellent software bundled with a lot of features, I always wanted something better than the original backup system. Something that will allow better backup management, and give the ability to end users to restore backups themselves from cPanel without having to do this from WHM.

So I found Jet Backup Manager, a WHM plugin that is excellent from all aspects. The main points that made me choose it were:

  • Incremental backups to remote destinations
  • Ability to backup DNS records
  • Ability to backup cron jobs
  • Ability to backup emails
  • Ability to backup databases
  • The end-user has complete control and can view and restore backups without the need to do this via WHM. There is an excellent and very easy graphic interface to restore backups from cPanel.
  • It gives the end-user the ability to download any backup he wants, again without our intervention.
  • It is faster, way faster than the default cPanel backup engine.
  • It works with CloudLinux out of the box!!! No more high loads due to backups.
  • It offers a billing system if you want to provide more features as paid services. For example you can give 120 days of backup retention for paying customers.
  • There is a way better and more detailed log system.
  • You can add as many backup destinations as you want (SSH, FTP, Local etc…) and also can add a replication directory.
  • The pricing is reasonable, 3.95$/month


After using it for more than a month in a single server to test it, I will replace the default cPanel backup system in all the other server I manage. Take a look at this alternative cPanel backup system it and you won’t regret it!


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